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    01-: What is ?

    Ans-: is online advertising website.

    02-: What type of advertisement I can post ?

    Ans-: You can post Jobs In Text format, Product Picture, and HTML code Banner.

    03-: What is Demonstration ?

    Ans-: Site Demonstration, Where you can see what you can do with akasiad.

    04-: What is News Feed ?

    Ans-: At news feed you will see our New updates detail.

    05-: What is Contact Form ?

    Ans-: At Contact Form you Can Contact Us regarding your Question.

    06-: What is Language Translator ?

    Ans-: you use translator to read every think in your own Language.


    Employer Account and Security


    07-: What is Employer ?

    Ans-: Advertiser is Also called with Name of Employer.

    08-: What is If I forget my Password ?

    Ans-: Don,t Worry You will Get your Registered Email ID and Password .

    09-: What is Account ID ?

    Ans-: When you join with your Unique  Account ID will Auto Generate.

    10-: What is In My Employer Panel ?

    Ans-: Your All Advertising Controlling And Managing system.

    11-: Can I update my Personal Account Detail ?

    Ans-: Yes' But You Can Not Update your Email ID And User ID.

    12-: Can I update Company Account Detail ?

    Ans-: Yes' you Can.

    13-: What is Approval Timing of my Account ?

    Ans-: Approx 5 Minute To Approve your Account With Verify Your Email ID And User ID.


    Type of Advertisement


    14-: What type of Advertisement I can Post ?

    Ans-: Text format, Product Picture, and HTML code Banner.

    15-: Can I post Adult Advertisement ?

    Ans-: No' we Will Not Approve Your Any Adult Advertising Or May delete Your Account Without Refund Any Rupees/Dollars.

    16-: Can I Update My Advertisement Text or Picture ?

    Ans-: Yes you Can Update Your Text or Picture Advertisement.

    17-: Can I Count Number of view ?

    Ans-: Yes'

    18-: Can I view current Status of my advertisement ?

    Ans-: yes you Can check Your Ad Status Any Time in your Account Panel.

    19-: What is Approval Timing of my advertisement ?

    Ans-: Approx 24 Hour To Approve your Advertisement.

    20-: Can I Set life Time of MY advertisement ?

    Ans-: Yes' you Can Set Expire Date of your Advertisement.




    How Can I Control Advertisement


    21-: Can I Control My Advertisement Timing or Expiry Date ?

    Ans-: Yes" you can Control Timing or Expiry Date.

    22-: Can I On or Off My Advertisement as per my Choice ?

    Ans-: Yes" Any Time you can Switch On or Off your Advertisement.

    23-: What Is Advertisement ID ?

    Ans-: Every New Advertisement Will Run Unique ID.

    24-: What Is ?

    Ans-: when you choose this option It Means You are Owner of this product.

    25-: What Is ?

    Ans-: When You Choose This Option It Means You are Affiliated with This Product

    26-: What Is ?

    Ans-: When You Choose this option It Means That You are Corporate Employer

    27-: What Is ?

    Ans-: When you choose This Option It Means That you are part of Human Resource Of Company


    Type of Payment Mode


    28-: What Is Free Plan ?

    Ans-: Free plan where all numbers advertisement are Totally Free.

    29-: What Is Paid Plan ?

    Ans-: In our paid Plan you have to Pay for advertisement.

    30-: What Is Pay Mode ?

    Ans-: you Can Pay via (Paypal, Cash Deposit, Internet Banking, Bank Cheque, Demand Draft, )

    31-: What Is payment Clearance Time ?

    Ans-: After Purchased order you have to pay with 1 month other wise order Cancel

    32-: What Is Extra Time For Renew Plan After Plan Expire ?

    Ans-: No" There are no more time After Expiry with plan your all advertisement will Auto Block.

    33-: What is Activation Of time After Payment Paid for New or Renew any plan ?

    Ans-: After conformation your Payment your order will activate within 24 Hour


    Sharing  &  Saving  Advertisement  &  Replication


    34-: Can we Share any Advertisement with our Seekers or User ?

    Ans-: Yes" you can share with Seeker or User.

    35-: Can I Save Advertisement for future Contact ?

    Ans-: Yes" you can Save in your Login Area

    36-: Can I Multiple Share Advertisement ?

    Ans-: Yes" you can Multiple Share.

    37-: Can I Reply of an Advertisement to Employer or Product owner ?

    Ans-: Yes" you can Reply of Advertisement.



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    Pay securely for your online purchases
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    Easy to sign up, easy to use
    Signing up for a PayPal account is easy - it takes just a few minutes. Once you've signed up, you can send your payment in minutes.

    38-: Can I Get Notification of any new advertisement of my Interested ?
    39-: Can I Get more interested plan offers in future ?
    40-: Can I
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